PVC Rubber Sheet

Rubber mats & matting. PVC mat & flooring products. The Rubber & PVC flooring, matting, rolls, sheet & interlocking tile products here have many varied applications and will solve many flooring dilemmas. In special finished profiles including fine fluted, diamond, random, chequer plate, pyramid, ribbed, coin open grid, rope, anti-fatigue, anti- slip. Rubber & PVC flooring products have many uses in gyms, farms, greenhouses, vehicles, factories, office complexes, shops, retail stores, recreational facilities, local authority buildings, public buildings, educational establishments etc. Uses include kitchen floor areas, workstations, flooring production safety areas, industrial shower rooms, van loading floors, production workbenches and shelves, corridors, stairways, office areas, marquee floors, escalator aprons, ramps, bridges, garages, ships, boats, animal transporters, golf clubs etc.
We also welcome the customized inquiries for special needs and shapes
  • Thickness- 0.5mm (1/2”) to 50mm (2”).
  • Length-Continuous lengths up to 30000mm (30Mtrs.) or in desired length.
  • Width-Up to 1200mm (4Feet).
  • Color-Standard Black, Blue, Red or in desired color.
  • Packing-Roll Type in Laminated H.D.P.E. Fabric.
  • Color-Standard Black, Blue, Red or in desired color.

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